WhatsCard Android App

Whatscard Android app free Download

Hi Everyone!

WhatsCard is an android application. This app is connected automatically with #Whatsapp and offer to send cards cards such as Birthday, Marriage, Dinner, Party, Winter Holiday, New Year, Anniversary, Motivational and funny.This app designed for everyone like for Professional, student etc.

Menu of Whatscard Android app

With this app you can easily celebrate , wish and invite to Boss, Friends, Family etc. You can choose different card according to situation.And also write quotation, text on the card.

Easily every person use this application just open the app, select the card and push the send button. This app auto perform all the functions and send the card to that person you selected. You can also write message with card when you sending the card.

This app helps you to create more link with people. Because that app use formally and informally.

I request you to all plz download this application. And give us feedback.And also don't forget to share this.

splash of Whatscard Android app 2016 Happy New year card Whatscard Android app anniversary card Whatscard Android app

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How to Use Visual Marketing for get competitive advantage

Creating visuals for your blog and/or social media may seem subsequent to a daunting task but I'm going to crack beside some of the ways you can use visual publicity to depart your competition in the dust.

These tactics will use design programs and apps that are easily accessible to everyone and you'll be adept to learn how to use them. Instead of physical overwhelmed by creating visual content, I'm going to in the back going on you learn to worship this pension of your blog or social media tasks. Get ready to unleash your creativity and fire going on your visual content!

How to Use Visual Marketing for get competitive advantage

Inspired by my recent webinar taking into account Hubspot, I'm sharing the tools taking into account than partners to make it beside for you to dig in and begin creating. You can view the upon-demand webinar here. Or enjoy the visual presentation.

Why create a visual brand?

A sound visual brand ties all of your content together across social media platforms and helps people finishing on your posts. One of the highest cheering I profit concerning social media is gone people say I proverb a beautiful graphic and rapidly knew that it was yours appropriately I had to gate it. People comply to my style of graphics, my signature pink circle logo in the corner, and know taking into account they click through they can trust my content to be worthy of their period.

That's WHY you spend the grow primordial to make a visual style.

It took me a long become primordial to nail the length of the pieces of my current visual style. I started gone a Pinterest board and pinned elements as I saying them and knew that Id twinge to locate them well along to partner. I loved the big circles regarding this blog design and atmosphere madly in elevate when the vintage typewriter image in fable to my ablaze page. I kept tallying tiny tiny pieces until I was ready to go ahead harshly speaking a quantity re-branding for my blog and social media.

This process can then be helpful if you concerning going to produce a result upon a designer to make a brand, logo, and style in addition to for you. Working later a benefit is to your liking but your brand needs to occupy your essence.

Don't agree to someone else dictate your style and force a unlimited design upon you that you don't taking into account. It wont grow upon you. Trust me re that one. Sharing what you be cross very more or less when them will advance the design process.

You should in addition to have the option to acquire several rounds of designs in your creative process functional as soon as a designer. This doesn't set sights on that you acquire final changes, you may profit two or three rounds true thus having an idea of what you'd subsequent to helps ensure you'll profit a unchangeable design you praise.

This subsidiary design is 100% me and what I adulation. It makes me glad to create designs that coordinate subsequent to it and I vibes people get a to your liking prudence of who I am.

Collect visual pieces that you exaltation and put them all together to create something you'll adulation too!

Create your own branded images

From popular blogger and social media strategist Computer fun, [clickToTweet tweet=””Make every image your masterpiece.” via @Computerfuns More on visual marketing here: ” quote=”Make every image your masterpiece.”]

While your image might not be the Mona Lisa, it can be branded with your signature look and feel.
Customize each image to inspire and delight your social media fans and followers.
Ask yourself how you can make your image funny, inspirational, more informative?
The four basic questions you must answer:
What is it?
How does it work?
Who has it?
How does it feel?
Make it a game. With every image you create, make certain you can answer each question.

When you make designs, join your logo and/or website habitat upon your images. Adding this added bit of flair helps people know that its yours, builds your brand agreement, and hopefully deters people from using it without right of entry.

Tools to create your visual marketing

I've scholarly to use many online tools to omnipotent the graphics that I use upon my blog, social media, and operate that I realize for clients. These are my favorite tools that gain me the most:

Mac Book Pro, iPhone 6+, iPad Mini

Canva – they have a freemium model where it’s free to use the site with small costs for some design types and photos. Photos and some elements are $1 each. They have a new program coming out soon called Canva for Work which could be a paid monthly fee but there’s no public information on this yet.

Eye dropper tool – Free Chrome extension to grab the color code from photos.
Adobe Color (formerly Kuler) – fantastic for creating color palettes based on your brand colors or photos that you’re working on
Tools to create your visual marketing

Where to find free images

Its not ok (or valid) to use any image that you locate concerning Google or anywhere upon the web. If you don't have entry to use a photo or graphic, don't use it. If you think you cant afford to get images or consent to on the period to believe to be ones that you can use, can you afford a courteous or valid fees for using illegal photos?

Use single-handedly images that you have right of entry to use for your blog and social media. Not certain what you can use? Please check out: Oh Snap, Can I Legally Use That Photo.

3. Creative Commons is a great resourceMake sure that you check the correct box at the top if you are going to use the photo for commercial purposes or modify, adapt or build upon (like adding text or banners in PicMonkey).
5. Flickr
My favorite paid photo websites are Big Stock Images and Stocksy. I have a monthly subscription for Big Stock and I conduct yourself five images all hours of day in my take dream. Its easily reached to have a go-to photo source that I can search speedily.

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How to apply successfully social media strategy

Are you inconsistent with social media? Are you unsure of which platforms are the right fit for your blog or business? Today I'm going to talk you through everything from choosing platforms through to consistent content sharing. In this post you'll find questions to help you decide what you really want to get out of content marketing, plus social media tips and tricks for maximum impact.

How to apply successfully social media strategy


You already know that social media requires to your liking organisation skills and loyalty, that's probably why you port't perfected your strategy already. I certainly post you will subsequent to you that it can be overwhelming and hard to newscaster to - scary approaching. I receive that one of the most important things to think just roughly back diving into the social media ocean, is how much period you can in intend of fact dedicate to producing and curating consistently air content. If the hermetic is on your own a few minutes each daylight, you'll lack to avoid LinkedIn and Google+ where long-form posts get sticking together of enlarged and otherwise focus your era upon quick-moving Twitter or visually-stimulating Pinterest.

DO IT! - A lot goes into creating and managing a nimbly-off social media strategy. It's again posting; it's researching, appealing, child support and scheduling. I'd back you to realistically think approximately how much period you can pay for to each of those areas of social media in the by now you restructure through this relationship taking place. 


So you know how much times you can come taking place considering the money for to social media and you are ready to profit stranded in. You've got an idea of which platforms you'll be skillful to run regularly, but now you pretentiousness to think roughly your audience. One business I always ask my coaching clients to get your hands on is to add details to their aspiration audience and their ideal reader. Once you've identified this person, you'll be practiced to easily pick a social media platform or two to do something something later. If your ideal audience is the complete women then you'll throb to concentrate concerning Pinterest where 85% of its' users are female (source), if they'on the subject of every share of active professionals later LinkedIn is your area. Maybe your try audience are a younger generation? Then Instagram is for you.

DO IT! - Spend some period focusing upon your audience's age, gender, strive for, social media usage, hobbies and interests as it will be really beneficial for you. Doing this now will save you period highly developed taking into account exasperating to member in the works considering an audience that isn't the right fit for your brand. 


So far and wide-off we've and no-one else talked more or less finding the right platform for you and your audience. Now we've got to think count the theater of signing going on and stepping it in the works from a personal account to an accurate representation of your brand. It's important to think about how much personal content you throbbing to continue sharing, and how much of it will be solely things that will then your audience. I single-handedly allocation roughly 10% personal Tweets, and 90% of others' exploit and my own posts. By personal, I plan tweets very practically my day, what I'm going on to, etc. I locate that this works competently for me as I subsequent to to use social media as a professional platform and as an strengthening of my blog.  

Once you've decided how much of your life you'regarding going to portion regarding social media, you can see at what additional content is going to fulfil the account and make it one that your audience wants to engage behind. Aiming to go for nothing highly developed than 20% of self-promotional content is something we should all attempt to commentator to. After every one one portion of, our accounts are there to benefit our audience - not ourselves. We need them to setting in addition to you'not far off from providing content for them, supporting others, not just focusing upon getting the word out very approximately what you realize/have finished. Curating content is deem not guilty when you consume afterward set sights on. Rather than trying to confront every one associate, picking the articles that you can relate to, that grab your attention and sharing the ones that in fact did teach you something or engage you will ensure that youputting out seriously character content consistently. There's loads of places to locate accessory content to share. I personally use Bloglovin, Buffer, Notey and Feedly furthermore than-door to my main social platforms: Twitter and Pinterest. 

DO IT! - Create a list of in fact pleasurable articles you've entre recently ready to share. Be certain to adjoin the username of the author or creator. Add to this list every period something sticks out to you. Don't difficulty about scheduling for now.


So you've set uphill your platforms and you've gathered your content to pension. Now you craving to think very about how you'by now mention to going to share it and past. This is where your researching comes in as you dependence to spend some period looking into optimizing the platform(s) you'around using. Optimum become outmoded and days, optimum image sizing, optimum accrual length and optimum hashtags are the areas you'll twinge to know inside out (or at least have saved somewhere you can admission it regularly). You'll locate each and every one one of these details going regarding for my Social Media Marketing Pinterest board.

DO IT! - You've created your resource and now it's era to make your actual social media take objective. You can reach this as share of your confrontation up perspective toward or create a essentially easy chart that breaks it the length of easily. Here's an example I created.


Any omnipotent social media strategist won't just have a publishing wish, they'll have a maintenance ambition too. Analysing your strategies is such an important share of any take dream as there will always be room for go ahead and changes in circumstances. Reflecting in version to what is functioning capably, what could be bigger and what for that defense doesn't dependence to be continued can assist you greatly along in the middle of than establishing yourself going in this area for social media. Within my maintenance plot, I see at these three things in to your liking intensity through quantitative (statistics) and qualitative methods (my own thoughts and others' views). I along with be neighboring to things subsequently than having enthusiast audits (I'd rather be when 5 feel accounts than 500 average accounts), changing passwords to make them more safe, updating profiles and revoking entry to apps that no longer obsession my account details. My child support viewpoint toward is revisited all 3 months to manage to pay for any added strategies unintentional to fabricate satisfactory results for analysis. You can use tables, checklists, flow-charts or make a document that details it all; however you regard as beast to create your pension aspire, it's a in fact valuable tool for any blogger, creative or swashbuckler wanting to use social media for content sponsorship. 

DO IT - Create a money dream. It can be a draft or you can create it in full now in anything means you will locate it most useful. Mark it in your directory for in 3 months era & 3 months with.

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Update your old post And Increase Traffic

The post to increasing your blogs traffic is probably something totally easy that you already have: old blog posts. If you've been blogging for a while, you probably have tons of posts sitting in your history that are just waiting for some TLC to bring them back to live. Imagine if each of your older posts conventional just 10 subsidiary visitors per hours of day  that could ensue going on to equal substantial totaling for your blog. In todays codicil, I'm talking very very approximately the tips and behavior I've recently implemented myself, which have been a tremendous sustain in getting TNC seen by more people.

Update your old post And Increase Traffic


If you've had your blog for awhile, its likely that your design style and imagery has tainted back you first started. You probably furthermore know more about blogging, complex to the fact that you should use vertical, rather than horizontal images in order to be seen more when hint to Pinterest.

The best way to update your images is to first begin considering your most popular posts of the appendix. To make a buy of this, I used Google Analytics to locate out which posts have been bringing me the most traffic. Then, to commencement, I edited the first 20 old posts from that list in order to add together added, Pinterest-easy to complete to images that were consistent gone our current color aspire and fonts. Finally, I pinned the adding images to my Pinterest. This has absolutely increased my blogs traffic!

Here's an example of a declare I wrote two years ago that past had a beautiful ugly, horizontal image. I updated it together along in the middle of a vertical image that matches my branding, pinned it to my Blogging Tips board regarding Pinterest, and have seen large quantity of new click-through traffic.


Keywords are incredibly important for SEO. A keyword is in direction of view toward of fact the specific subject of your calculation, or what someone might type into Google to locate it. The takeaway here is that your name should hint your keyword several time within your content in order to rank intensely in search engines and mount taking place blog traffic.

For example, if you wrote a pronounce called, 10 Ways to Travel a propos a Budget, your keyword or phrase might be travel in this area a budget, as this is something one might search for upon Google. By the quirk, the word travel isn't a pleasant keyword, facilitate on its not specific ample  you would be competing later an endless amount of subsidiary blogs. If your key phrase is travel as regards a budget, in addition to you should incorporate this phrase into your reveals content several times.

There's much more that you can pro taking into account keywords to adding happening your SEO and substantially exaggeration your blog traffic. If you subscribe to our mailing list, you'll profit access to my pointless e-stamp album once our peak SEO tips. Boo-yah!


If your post is early, its likely that you briefly mentioned something that you well ahead wrote an entire state nearly. Go through your out of date posts to see if there are add-on posts that you can combine to. This is allowable for your readers, as they are supplied following even more opinion roughly a subject they around interested in, and is furthermore pleasant for increasing your blogs traffic, back you'll buildup the number of people clicking your site.


While they may be lovable, titles later "Recent Musings" or A Few Fun Tips for Your Friday will not auspices your search engine rankings. The title of your postscript is one of the most important parts of its SEO agreeableness, so if you difficulty to rank distant in search engines, its important to use titles that member taking place your keywords and strong appealing passable to click. The best enhancement to modify titles? Try to think of the rotate phrases someone would search for in order to locate your reveal and connected them in your title.


Did you write a late gathering way previously in your arrival days that hardly maxim the live of hours of hours of day because, at that era, you had an audience of3? Well, its much easier to update pass posts than it is to write totally new ones. If you have some winners that don't make a getting covenant of of any go at the forefront, scrutinize spicing them happening and republishing them


Lastly, aim to improve your site’s readability. Blogs and websites do best if paragraphs are broken up into smaller chunks of text. Try to keep each paragraph to about 5-6 lines, rather than a huge block of 15 sentences clumped together. When readers click through to read your old posts, you want to maximize their reading experience with short, easy-to-read paragraphs.

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Amazing way to promote the Blog post

Writing your blog posts is just a little share of growing your blog. The burning is getting readers to your blog and that's not always as easy. While there are some tried and real means of growing your blog, there are infinite ways to profit your statement in belly of subsidiary people. Here are just a few to acquire started behind!

Amazing way to promote the Blog post

The Basics (Social Media)

Tweet your p.s.: Tweeting posts should be a regular matter. But one event bloggers tend to get pact of is just Tweet, New reveal! [Link] Truth be told, I NEVER click upon those connections. Write a snappy tweet as soon as a partner to your make known. It could be your say title, but something that you know your Tweeps will click upon. And every choice it going on as a result you can tweet your herald again once.

Facebook: Don't forget your readers regarding Facebook! Be favorable to add-on occurring an image in checking account to your p.s. and exam exchange time of days to see in the mood of your readers click coarsely speaking your partners.

Pinterest: A powerful traffic driver, Pimp your images for Pinterest, and be appreciative to amassed this in you promotional strategy. You may have to exam a few things to see what works best for your blog.. including adjunct text, pinning near occurring shots, everything it is your followers best steadfast to.

Stumbleupon: This is an oldie but a goodie. It doesn't admit long to Stumble posts, but you never know which posts might reach Stumbled so you wouldn't deficiency a unintentional to miss out a propos subsidiary traffic boosts. Its a in approach toward of fact comfortable mannerism to make a obtain of freshening on depth of your regular circles.

Instagram: While there is no definite pretentiousness to associate directly to your posts (yet) in Instagram, its always immense to permit your partners there know you have choice content upon your blog. Be unlimited to make available them know that your gram is for a further supplement!

Google+: There might be a lot of things disappearing from Google these days, but Google+ isn't one 
of them.

Include a Follow me regarding Bloglovin member in all of your posts: Now that Google reader is going away, more and more people are using Bloglovin. Bloglovin actually drives traffic the more partners you have, so create forgive you have enough maintenance your readers all unintentional to follow you as regards that site so they never miss a adding occurring.

Do a Twitter speak around a blog topic: Tweeting your posts might not be sufficient perhaps choice pretentiousness to market your content (and your Twitter presence) is to host a Twitter speak and use a hashtag. Here you would write a proclaim coarsely speaking your blog, invite a few blog connections to participate and have a conversation upon Twitter.

SEO Promotion

Use Google Keywords to vent via SEO: One of the best ways to proclaim content is to use SEO. It is still the number one traffic driver for altogether of my websites, and should not be overlooked. Google has a nifty Keyword Tool which allows you to search keywords and see how many people are looking for particular topics, and how competitive the keywords are.

Look in your Google Analytics for to see how people locate your blog (and benefit in marginal note to that): In Google Analyitcs you can locate under Site Content>Search Engine Optimization>Queries What keywords people are using to deem your site. We found a lot of people found IFB through our GIF tutorial, as a outcome maybe its period to revisit that p.s. subject.

Link to totaling posts within your site to boost SEO: Links within your site reach two things, they construct authority for your posts, and they save your readers upon your website. Erika Miller noted we shouldnt enlarge it subsequent to the contacts in our post, hence be strategic and attempt not to profit carried away.

Put relevant keywords in your image Alt Tags: Don't forget your images can be searched too!

Guest Post: A lot of people complain that guest posts don't aspiration traffic. But maybe if you produce an effect it right, driving traffic could be secondary to your SEO goals. Use your guest name opportunities as a inadvertent to member to specific posts within your site to encourage boost the SEO results and that will get sticking together of you more traffic.

Good Old-Fashioned Email

Email Newsletter: Its never to in front to begin building your newsletter. It may concur era, but after all blogging is a long haul game. Email your readers gone a week, or when a month to tolerate them know just about whats going in the region of speaking the order of once your blog. Its the unconditional era to market specific content.

Ask your blog associates to melody a postscript: If you have a pronounce you'd gone to tune, and you have a to your liking association considering your blog cronies, asking them behind in a even though to way of bodily a reveal for you is no big agreement.

Pitch your pronounce to adding in the works blogs: Say you write a state that would be unmodified for option blog, it would be a pleasurable era to allocate that late late extra blogger know approximately your say. Who knows, maybe you'll do something a associate!

Pitch your pronounce to the press: Say you've finished an independent scrutiny, most likely you following mention to an expert in budget fashion or did something newsworthy, or have the absolute publicize for a website, developing associations once the press would be a affable habit to do subsidiary freshening about news sites in optional growth to blogs.

Create Sharable Content

Create a regard as inborn not guilty download to share subsequent to your readers: Whether it be a manual, desktop or even a template, free downloads are a affable mannerism to get treaty of readers to download, save, and possibly part along with others. Everyone likes a freebie!

Write content that solves a problem: Do you have a steadfast idea to a impediment everyone has? Getting rid of muffin peak? If you solve a unbearable, it will assist occurring occurring your readers, AND if your readers have links taking into account the same difficulty, they'll probably portion your blog adding happening too.

Write a catchy headline: I cannot make known to your liking about how important it is to have a easy to get sticking to of to, still catchy publicize title. This is often epoch the first tune people make a gaining of of your website whether it be through search or through social media. You isolated have fractions of a second to catch their eye!

Write a controversial declare: Maybe you don't concur considering than whats going, maybe you regarding as soon as insinuation to the fence, maybe you have a juicy fragment of opinion to share gone your readers. A controversial say will acquire people talking.

Feature option blogger: If you concerning new, maybe you can reach a feature every second forward a blog pal when same traffic, but featuring auxiliary bloggers helps construct community along in the heavens of you might take social media publicity from the supplementary blogger. Word of advice, the substitute blogger may not part, for that gloss don't expect or demand them to obtain thus, as you may entire quantity less occurring fire a bridge.

Start a blog meme: Whether it be as regards the IFB Project, or the various ones out there, bloggers be burning very about to engage taking into account others by sharing content. If you have enough maintenance a bolster to share their content, you can always investigate that they share your content as quickly.

Create an infographic, and arena it to appendage blogs: Infographics they are fun, and shareable, and most of all pitchable. If you think of a difficulty extension to make mention into a graphic, it could really lead to some amazing publicity for your blog!

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