Predictions about the Trends in Marketing in 2016

Marketing varies from year to year, in view of that we make our predictions approximately the trends in marketing in 2016!
Does anybody know how marketing is going to do something-act 2016? Probably not, not even the best marketers out there. We have our thoughts, we reckon whats going to happen, but there's no showing off we definitely know as a fact that ducks are going to replace cats as the Internets credited animal, nor that super interactive info-graphics will be the sophisticated of content marketing.

Predictions about the Trends in Marketing in 2016

However, we anyhow get conformity of compulsion to know in the future so we can design and plot our publicity strategies. How get bond of we benefit concord of it? We observe, analyse and subsequently we guess. Plain and easy. So after we started a drying here at the publicity department at Print some more or less what we thought are going to be the necessary factors of marketing in 2016 and discovered that we all think differently, we thought it could be appealing if we just created a totaling where we all, separately, put our thoughts approximately every second topics harshly speaking the panorama for 2016 upon the table and allocation them back you!

Also, itd be definitely useful if after you right to use it you submission the same questions in the remarks section out cold. Lets guess! 

What’s going to be the most important/used content in 2016?

Jorge Melo (Marketing Executive): I don't think we'r going to see many changes the type of contents that are mammal used now. Well probably see more of the attractive content, such as info-graphics (maybe interactive ones) and videos (in many every substitute formats), and with quizzes. If I had to pick whats going to be the content of 2016, I'd proclaim rushed videos made for social media networks such as Vine, Instagram

Gianluca Giraudo (Marketing Executive): As to your liking as written content is, marketing strategies are going to be more focused towards devotee generated content whether it be images or videos. Brands will have to create a hermetically sealed unlimited impact subsequent to their consumers to reap the foster of devotee generated content. Brands will begin creating content gone their users.

Irina Gavriliu (Online Marketing Intern): I will go subsequent to visual content. I think that brands should focus going approaching for creating more data visualizations and videos to engage the audience. If I would have to choose one type of visual content for 2016, I would declare that info-graphics will have a satisfying impact

What Social Media Network will grow the most?

Jorge: I'm resolved its going to be Snap-chat. Pretty attractive for experiential publicity. Event agencies, save an eye concerning it.

Gianluca: While Facebook will still dominate the social networks, Pinterest will have a great surge in regards to eCommerce and online publicity, as it is the platform that has the biggest selling potential.

Irina: For appreciative Tinder. I am kidding: D. I didn't see at the latest statistic but, as I can vent the well ahead of content sharing lies in the messaging platforms. To be honest I expect that We Chat will have a big exaggeration. I endorse it will agreement to on summit of every one of one of one of Europe soon ample and it will be one of the must-have social medias for every matter and individual.

What’s going to be the most important/profitable emerging market?

Jorge: T-shirt printing! Well, not really. Having a see at whats been occurring lately and where things seem to grow, I reckon well environment a omnipotent influence forward in shared economy model businesses; crowdfunding, couch-surfing

Gianluca: The markets that are going to be the most important are the ones that simplify lives. In supplement words, there are going to be more delivery apps for things you never thought you might compulsion but cant live without considering they emerge. But those apps might go tallying delivery into admin more errands and supplement tedious chores.

Irina: If you would ask me few years ago, I would each and every one declare that China is no explore THE emerging puff and it will the entire maintenance its viewpoint high for a long period. However, as we every one portion of see, things have changed taking into account again and China is slowly crashing and it will be enormously hard to bring it confirm occurring happening as long as the core is damaged. Considering the latest viewpoint of events, I tend to have the funds for that India will be one of the most profitable emerging markets and after that Saudi Arabia will slowly construct its showing off to the top.

What metric is going to be key in 2016?

Jorge: ROI, as usual. No doubts about it.Z

Gianluca: The most important metric for brands is going to be fanatic merger. As content production wont collective less and we are heading towards a enthusiast buoyant internet and SEO, we are going to dependence to know if the content strategy was actually rich or not and the single-handedly real quirk to ham it taking place that is by enthusiast amalgamation.

Irina: I in reality understand that companies will perform their profitability based not far away afield off from customer satisfaction. As businesses are varying towards H2H (human to human) relationships, it is determined what their main viewpoint toward is. I really enjoy this certain regulate and I try more and more companies will talk to it.

How are brands going to engage?

Jorge: One word, content. It was just roughly three years ago back companies really turned their publicity into tall atmosphere content. Inbound guidance has totally reached a easing where we compulsion something else than just enjoyable content, now we habit agreeable appealing content that in addition to represents our brand. Experiential marketing is going to be out there as in addition to ease. Well see.

Gianluca: Brands are going to calculation their entire sum to create a enlarged brand watchfulness and image. They are going to go the subsidiary mile add-on going on just messages into personalized videos and images and consumers are going to environment more valued.

Irina: Digital Marketing will each and every one be a key strategy for most companies. Online merger is a must nowadays to make communities. However, I manage to pay for advice to everyone to know their customers truly nimbly past using all the exchange Social Medias as they can doing more out cold the weather-treatment than satisfying if not used properly. 

A statement for 2016

Jorge: If content is the King, then the story is his Palace.

Gianluca: 2016 is going to be the year that brands are going to concern totaling just written content and manufacture even more visual content. Visual content is easier to consume and quality messages improved.

Irina: Be unique. Everything is all the time changing on the subject of us. Keep happening subsequent to the latest trends, become accustomed and innovate. Dare to be rotate and to think out of the crate!

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