How to Use Visual Marketing for get competitive advantage

Creating visuals for your blog and/or social media may seem subsequent to a daunting task but I'm going to crack beside some of the ways you can use visual publicity to depart your competition in the dust.

These tactics will use design programs and apps that are easily accessible to everyone and you'll be adept to learn how to use them. Instead of physical overwhelmed by creating visual content, I'm going to in the back going on you learn to worship this pension of your blog or social media tasks. Get ready to unleash your creativity and fire going on your visual content!

How to Use Visual Marketing for get competitive advantage

Inspired by my recent webinar taking into account Hubspot, I'm sharing the tools taking into account than partners to make it beside for you to dig in and begin creating. You can view the upon-demand webinar here. Or enjoy the visual presentation.

Why create a visual brand?

A sound visual brand ties all of your content together across social media platforms and helps people finishing on your posts. One of the highest cheering I profit concerning social media is gone people say I proverb a beautiful graphic and rapidly knew that it was yours appropriately I had to gate it. People comply to my style of graphics, my signature pink circle logo in the corner, and know taking into account they click through they can trust my content to be worthy of their period.

That's WHY you spend the grow primordial to make a visual style.

It took me a long become primordial to nail the length of the pieces of my current visual style. I started gone a Pinterest board and pinned elements as I saying them and knew that Id twinge to locate them well along to partner. I loved the big circles regarding this blog design and atmosphere madly in elevate when the vintage typewriter image in fable to my ablaze page. I kept tallying tiny tiny pieces until I was ready to go ahead harshly speaking a quantity re-branding for my blog and social media.

This process can then be helpful if you concerning going to produce a result upon a designer to make a brand, logo, and style in addition to for you. Working later a benefit is to your liking but your brand needs to occupy your essence.

Don't agree to someone else dictate your style and force a unlimited design upon you that you don't taking into account. It wont grow upon you. Trust me re that one. Sharing what you be cross very more or less when them will advance the design process.

You should in addition to have the option to acquire several rounds of designs in your creative process functional as soon as a designer. This doesn't set sights on that you acquire final changes, you may profit two or three rounds true thus having an idea of what you'd subsequent to helps ensure you'll profit a unchangeable design you praise.

This subsidiary design is 100% me and what I adulation. It makes me glad to create designs that coordinate subsequent to it and I vibes people get a to your liking prudence of who I am.

Collect visual pieces that you exaltation and put them all together to create something you'll adulation too!

Create your own branded images

From popular blogger and social media strategist Computer fun, [clickToTweet tweet=””Make every image your masterpiece.” via @Computerfuns More on visual marketing here: ” quote=”Make every image your masterpiece.”]

While your image might not be the Mona Lisa, it can be branded with your signature look and feel.
Customize each image to inspire and delight your social media fans and followers.
Ask yourself how you can make your image funny, inspirational, more informative?
The four basic questions you must answer:
What is it?
How does it work?
Who has it?
How does it feel?
Make it a game. With every image you create, make certain you can answer each question.

When you make designs, join your logo and/or website habitat upon your images. Adding this added bit of flair helps people know that its yours, builds your brand agreement, and hopefully deters people from using it without right of entry.

Tools to create your visual marketing

I've scholarly to use many online tools to omnipotent the graphics that I use upon my blog, social media, and operate that I realize for clients. These are my favorite tools that gain me the most:

Mac Book Pro, iPhone 6+, iPad Mini

Canva – they have a freemium model where it’s free to use the site with small costs for some design types and photos. Photos and some elements are $1 each. They have a new program coming out soon called Canva for Work which could be a paid monthly fee but there’s no public information on this yet.

Eye dropper tool – Free Chrome extension to grab the color code from photos.
Adobe Color (formerly Kuler) – fantastic for creating color palettes based on your brand colors or photos that you’re working on
Tools to create your visual marketing

Where to find free images

Its not ok (or valid) to use any image that you locate concerning Google or anywhere upon the web. If you don't have entry to use a photo or graphic, don't use it. If you think you cant afford to get images or consent to on the period to believe to be ones that you can use, can you afford a courteous or valid fees for using illegal photos?

Use single-handedly images that you have right of entry to use for your blog and social media. Not certain what you can use? Please check out: Oh Snap, Can I Legally Use That Photo.

3. Creative Commons is a great resourceMake sure that you check the correct box at the top if you are going to use the photo for commercial purposes or modify, adapt or build upon (like adding text or banners in PicMonkey).
5. Flickr
My favorite paid photo websites are Big Stock Images and Stocksy. I have a monthly subscription for Big Stock and I conduct yourself five images all hours of day in my take dream. Its easily reached to have a go-to photo source that I can search speedily.

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